We are a company producing accessories for dioramas and models.
We specialize in 3D printing, plaster casting and laser cutting in wood.

Our company produces accessories for dioramas and models. We specialize in 3D printing, plaster casts and laser cutting in wood. 

“Point of no return” is, in short, the moment when the plane or ship no longer has enough fuel to safely turn back and the only hope is to look for a safe landing site or harbor ahead. This concept can be applied to many areas of life as distant from this definition as model making. Everyone devoted to our passion reaches a point from which it is impossible to go back to simplifications, mediocrity and compromise solutions. After crossing this point, only the pursuit of perfection is possible. This is the goal of our humble manufacture – to provide our customers with accurate, detailed elements to construct their dream dioramas. 

As enthusiasts of modeling and creating dioramas, we understand the needs and obstacles faced by perfectionists. Everyday objects, elements of the environment that make up the appearance of modern cities and the countryside, the decor of our apartments, things we work and relax with – you will find all that in our constantly expanding offer. Our products perfectly match civilian dioramas, scenes from modern and post-apocalyptic life and as a perfect complement to battle scenes. After all, what is a scene from a contemporary conflict without a washing machine strapped to a Russian T-72, destroyed facades revealing the interiors of apartments with all their belongings, or finally barricades built of everything that is at hand? It is something imperfect.


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