Narzędzia [skala 1:35]

Pilar drill (No. 35 22001)

An exceptionally detailed model of a column drill with a movable cross table undoubtedly enriches any diorama of a workshop, factory, garage or air hangar.
The drill consists of 22 parts, including two optional heads with or without a drill, a cutter guard and a main pole in the truss to protect the teeth of the guide. In addition, set includes tools such as a hammer, flat and ring wrenches, a vice, pliers and a hacksaw.
Model is made using the 3D printing method, which enables precise execution of unusual delicate and small elements.
Dla uzyskania najlepszego efektu warto części transparentne pokryć lakierem bezbarwnym, np Mr. COLOR GX112.
For the best effect, it is worth covering transparent parts with a colorless varnish, for e.g. Mr. COLOR GX112.

Flat and ratchet spanners (No. 35 23003)

Set consists of 22 wrenches: 11 open-end wrenches and 11 ring wrenches in sizes from 6 to 30.
Flat wrench – basic workshop tool. It is used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, most often hexagonal.
A combination wrench is finished with a flat wrench on one end and a ring of the same size on the other. The spanner eyelet allows precise catching the screw all around, which significantly improves the efficiency of work and prevents the destruction of the screw nut.

Power tools (No. 35 23023)

Set consists of: angle grinder (2 parts + 1 optional), cordless screwdriver (3 parts), drill (2 parts), hearing protection (2 pcs.).
The most commonly used power tools are drills, screwdrivers and grinders. These devices have been adapted to perform virtually all work-related tasks with any materials. Protection during work (according to current health and safety rules) is provided by hearing protectors – they are now necessary equipment for every workshop.

Hand tools (No. 35 23005)

One of the most universal and popular tools. Used at home, auto repair shop, shipyard, hangar and mine.
The set consists of: hacksaw (2 pcs), wood saw, vise (4 pcs), carpenter’s hammer (2 pcs), hammer (2 pcs.), pliers, 2 kinds, 4 pieces each, flat screwdriver (4 pcs), phillips screwdriver (4 pcs), carpenter’s pencil (5 pcs).

Workshop tools (No. 35 22004)

Set of accessories for diorama in 1:35 scale made by 3D printing. Models made with the utmost attention to detail. Precision of workmanship and the accuracy of mapping real objects can be fully appreciated only with magnifier.
Set consists of 72 elements of popular equipment for car workshops, garages, hangars, craft workshops and many other places. These items can be found at the construction site, the plumber’s bag and the mechanic’s pocket. This rich set allows to diversify many dioramas, and even inspire future works.
Set includes: flat wrenches, ring wrenches, cordless screwdrivers, drill, angle grinder, vise and hearing protectors.